Your heart will always unlock the key to success and abundance.

Are you trying to find your path in the world as a creator?

Are you experiencing a lack of connection to your heart's desires?

Are you seeking deeper fulfillment from your life? 


Every day we are bombarded with ideas about who we should be, look and act. Nonstop advice is coming our way and yet, we seem to keep searching for the right guidance for success.

We crave success in our lives and are willing to do the hard work to get there, but often times, we get so busy with work, family, and other commitments that we slowly begin to lose sight of who we are.

We forget our dreams, our passions and the things that make us come alive.

We walk through life hoping to experience success and love through relationships with others but we tend to forget that we must first love ourselves before we can love anyone else or truly succeed in this world.

Heartwork as a tool for self-realization. 

I’ve been coaching people for over ten years now and what I’ve learned from the thousands of conversations I’ve had is that the root cause to almost every problem standing in people’s path to success stems from a disconnection from their heart and their personal power.

This condition is known as Self Love Deficit and most of us don't even realize we have it. 

Heartwork is a process I've developed as a result of coaching hundreds of people over the past 10 years.  The process includes creative tools that when used, have the potential to unblock the areas that hold us back from realizing ourselves as the true creators we are meant to be. 

Almost every person I’ve coached, every business owner, every employee, has transformed their lives and began to experience a new level of success when they began to engage in Heartwork. The results were an increased level of self-love which in turn, brought on more self-esteem, confidence and a connection to inner power.  

Heartwork teaches people how to use their heart as a guidance system to create the successful life they dream of. 


The power of creativity and art as personal transformation tools.

This workshop is not about becoming an artist and, you don’t need to be a practicing artist or a self-proclaimed artist to practice this work. This process is not focused on the output of the artwork but rather the parts of yourself that you bring into the process. The art is simply a catalyst and a tool to help uncover your authentic self. 

Art can help us become more compassionate with ourselves and ultimately with others. Art is a tool for self-discovery and self-expression that is available for us anytime.

In my own journey of healing and self-growth, I’ve studied and apprenticed with some of the greatest teachers and mentors on the planet, accessing their brilliant minds and learning unique methods of emotional transformation tools and self-love practices that changed my life forever. 

Art helps us meet ourselves and go inwards to discover our own greatness. We become artists of our own life, approaching every situation with confidence and trust, the same way a master artist approaches a blank piece of canvas.


Spend Valentine's Day loving your authentic self. 

I’m excited to offer you an opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day reconnecting with your heart and remembering who you are. I’ve created a unique workshop experience where I will lead you through a process of self-discovery that will activate the parts of you that have been dormant.

We will engage in deep conversations, writing exercises, and intuitive art sessions. I plan on teaching you basic tools that will help you learn how to love yourself more and bring that self-love into your everyday life.

You will dig deep, get out of your comfort zone and meet yourself and your greatness once again.

You will leave this day feeling...

• A deeper connection to yourself as a creator
• More aware of the brilliant parts of yourself
• Confident in your abilities to create the life you want
• In touch with your essence and your power
• Connected to your authentic self


Who is this workshop for?

For a day that’s supposed to be all about giving and receiving love, February 14th far too often leaves people feeling alone and disappointed.

This workshop is designed for people who want to create a deeper connection to their authentic self and learn how to listen to their heart and act from that voice. 

This day may be for you if you want to expand your heart and bring more love into your life. It’s for people who know deep inside that there is more to their lives than what they are currently experiencing and want to get on the path of discovering how to live without fear or judgment.

The cost? Let your heart decide. 

To celebrate the launch this work, I’ve decided to keep the registration fee open for your heart to decide what to pay.

That's right. Pay as your heart desires.

I trust that your heart will know exactly how valuable this day is and will inform your pocketbook on how much to pay to spend a full day with me.

The details:

Location: Holy Spirit Retreat Center, 4316 Lanai Rd, Encino Ca 91436

Date: February 14, 2018

Schedule: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Participants: Limited to 18

Meals: bring your own lunch & snacks. Coffee, tea, and water are available throughout the day.




For any inquiries on this workshop, please complete the form below to send me a message.