Issue 1 : Your Abundant Success

I am excited to introduce you to POMEGRANATE, my new mentoring eMag devoted to helping creative entrepreneurs create abundant success. 

Coming to you on the first Monday of every month, Pomegranate will mentor you on different aspects of what it takes to thrive as a creative professional. 

I will share ideas and teach practices that you can immediately apply to your life and business.  And I'll give you tools and resources to help you along the way.  

Pomegranate represents the abundance of ideas and teachings packed inside me just waiting to burst out. From business development to personal growth, every issue will include a seed that can nourish and provide you fresh perspective and healthy thinking drawn from over twenty years of my journey as a creative entrepreneur and mentor.  

Mentoring is an ongoing conversation.  In this conversation we both take time to focus on the most important part of your business - you.  

I invite you to use this publication as the beginning of a conversation.  Let me hear from you! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to visiting your inbox once a month.

Love to you,



Creating Abundant Success

After 15 years of running my own design firm I found myself in a dark and empty place. From the outside it looked as though I was on top of the world but on the inside my free spirit felt crushed. If this was success, why didn't I feel it?

Sometimes we need to meet ourselves in a dark place in order to turn the lights back on. For me that experience was my wake up call. Even though I was making a great deal of money and I achieved recognition from my industry, I still didn't feel successful. In fact, I felt frustrated and exhausted.

I closed my design firm and began a journey of spiritual and personal development. I had no idea what my next step was going to be but I knew I needed to make a change.  Truthfully, I was scared.  But I took up what courage I had with trust that the right thing would come.  

It helped that I wasn't alone. I had a strong support network of friends and mentors and a deep passion for learning. (Step One:  create a strong support network of friends and mentors).  I walked away from the day to day of running a design firm and began to recreate my life. 

That space of not knowing what to do next was terrifying, almost paralyzing. I was on a quest for my next big thing with no idea what that would be.  While I searched, I began coaching other creative business owners, teaching them what I had learned about running a business. I also started sharing what I had learned about life, through my own experience.  Heck, it was fun and effortless so why not, right? 

It wasn't long before I realized that I actually loved the coaching work and I saw myself growing a lot in the process. I wasn't making much money and hardly no one knew about my coaching work yet, but I was happy. For the first time, I felt truly successful. I felt abundance. And I loved that I was bringing my true gift and passion into service to others. I knew not only what I needed to do, but why. 

Creating abundant success involves many steps.  The first step is knowing why you do what you do.  Have a purpose:  clear and meaningful. If your answer to "why are you in business?" is to make money and get fame, I'm guessing you are not in love with your business. You may have great artistic talent but when it's not in service to a mission bigger than your personal ego (fame) or pleasure (money) chances are you will run your business and life from a place of fear and lack. 

Your mission is the reason you exist. It's the kind of work you would gladly do for free because it's important to you. Your mission is the roadmap that will help you make better decisions. When you are unsure about what to do next, your mission will help guide you. That's what it's for. 

Take the time to write your why. Declare it to the world. It will inspire your employees and your clients. It will help you position and market yourself with clarity. It will attract the kind of work that needs someone exactly like you. 

Take a minute and honestly answer these questions:


1. How happy am I with my business?

2. Is my business draining me or nourishing me? 

3. How clear am I about why I'm doing what I'm doing?


Your answers will help you see the areas to focus on.  And paying attention to those crucial areas is the next step in on your journey to abundant success.

Thanks, shalom and Namaste.