The truth about mistakes.

I used to fear making mistakes. So much, that it turned me into a perfectionist.

This fear of making a mistake held me back from taking risks. Because mistakes meant failure and failing was not acceptable. Not in my book.

What a silly belief.

Making mistakes gives us a chance to learn something about ourselves. A chance to improve and to grow.

It’s been said that the most successful people are the ones with the most failures. Successful people don’t stop at their mistakes. It’s not a matter of number of failures, it’s where you stop that makes the difference.

Mistakes give us insights and direction. They can also offer deep insight and wisdom as well.

We don’t make mistakes, we make choices. Sometimes these choices work, sometimes they don’t. When they do, we call them luck. When they don’t, we call them a mistake.

Nobody is afraid of making mistakes per se. We are afraid of the consequences of making the mistakes and that is what actually holds most people back.

We don’t make mistakes. Mistakes make us. They make us stronger, more resilient and wiser.

When we make a mistake, we get a chance to learn something about ourselves. We get an opportunity to improve and to grow.

I believe the fear of making mistakes is rooted in the school system we grew up in. The school system (and society) condition us to believe that mistakes are bad things and should be avoided at any cost. Our school system instills a fear within us by punishing us for our mistakes instead of praising us for our accomplishments. We develop a belief that making mistakes means that we have done something wrong.

When we learn to walk, we make mistakes. If we fall nobody punishes us, we simply get back up and keep trying. Same thing happens when we learn to talk. We pronounce most of our words wrong, but we were corrected with love and support.  With this positive reinforcement we learned to talk better.

Having some fear of mistakes can be a good thing, it can help to improve performance. However, excessive fear causes problems; It keeps us stuck and feeling small.

When we begin to embrace our so called “mistakes” and view them instead as wrong choices.  This can then start leading us to begin embracing in learning new ways to make better choices.  We can begin to give ourselves permission to take bigger risks in our life.

You can only go forward by making mistakes. So why would you want to avoid them?

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