Happy Solstice.

Solstice speaks that change prevails.
Dark alters Light -
Day into Night -
Inhale to Exhale.
Nothing remains.
Travail may vanish with the rising sun as
Living dances with Itself.

Solstice honors Darkness-time -
lying fallow, growing still –
Reflecting. Welcoming
shames and doubts and judgments home.
These are the things that give us Soul.

Solstice glorifies the Light.
When Night seems deepest and so long,
we wonder of the flame’s return.
It burns so dimly –
offering little warmth or peace
but, know the ember smolders strong –
waiting for the breath of Faith to set it blazing
bright enough to light our way.

Solstice celebrates the Future.
As the trees release their leaves,
the earthly manger cradling her seeds,
we surrender habits, fears
and we forgive -
creating room for New Life in the coming year.


Poem and painting by Kat Sawyer, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Author of Voices from the Mat - Yoga Poems and Meditations 

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