Subject : 50 ways to thank your clients

One of the foundational pillars of designing an abundant business is being in a state of gratitude for what you have: recognizing the good in your business and giving thanks to your clients.

Besides earning major karma points and getting a warm fuzzy feeling for doing something good, thanking your clients can also count as a marketing touch. When you say thanks you create an opportunity to have a heart connection with your clients and thus deepen the relationship.   

Recently, I've challanged some of my coaching clients to strive for a more intentional state of gratitude with their clients. We focused on being more active and paying more attention to the way they thank and appreciate their clients. 

Being in a state of gratitude is not easy for most business owners. When we're not actively recognizing the good we tend to see what's missing, what's wrong and what we don't have. We live in a culture that thrives on bad news and worry, so paying attention to what's working doesn't appear on our radar.

Just like any other marketing activity that must be practiced on a regular basis, giving thanks and being in gratitude is also a practice. Point your radar at all the good your clients have brought to your life and your business and make a deeper human connection by saying thanks. Do this on a regular basis and watch how your business gets into a beautiful flow of giving and receiving from your clients. 

You don't need a special occasion to say thank you.  Sometimes random moments are the best.  A heartfelt letter (or email)  telling your client how much you appreciate working with them, how they help your business grow and how much you enjoy the creative challenges you get from them will bring a smile to their faces and make them only want to give you more work. 

And if you're too shy to write that letter (but trust me, it works) here are 50 more ideas you can do to say thanks. 

Pick one. 

  1. Send a thank you card

  2. Write a gratitude letter

  3. Give fresh baked muffins

  4. Send flowers

  5. Gift a spa treatment

  6. Send a good book

  7. Give a bottle of wine

  8. Send a gift card

  9. Call and simply say thank you

  10. send an email

  11. Buy a toy for their pet

  12. Buy a toy for their kid

  13. Take them to lunch

  14. Treat them to dinner

  15. Buy them a drink

  16. Make a mixed CD

  17. Make a drawing and frame it

  18. Invite them to be your guest at a fundraiser

  19. Cook lunch

  20. Write a poem

  21. Send a cleaning crew to their office

  22. Send a chair massage therapist to their office

  23. Buy chocolate

  24. Bake cookies

  25. Introduce them to someone important you know

  26. Make a donation in their name

  27. Volunteer your time

  28. Give a magazine subscription

  29. Send a Fruit of the Month Club subscription

  30. Give a cooking class

  31. Deliver pizza for their office

  32. Buy a subscription

  33. Offer a personal concierge service

  34. Buy concert tickets

  35. Give slippers

  36. Design a "Best Client Award"

  37. Give a Kindle loaded with your top 10 favorite business books 

  38. Create a personal stationary just for them

  39. Buy a Starbucks gift card 

  40. Mail a monthly calendar insert

  41. Make a customized t-shirt

  42. Give a business card holder

  43. Give an iPad

  44. Give a Netflix subscription

  45. Give an Amazon Prime subscription

  46. GIve a New York Times subscription

  47. Deliver Doughnuts and coffee to their office

  48. Teach an art class

  49. Send a cookbook

  50. Give them a puppy (just kidding)

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