How to maximize the value. 

8 Tips that work well. 

Just by having a mentor and meeting with him on a regular basis, you will get plenty of value. This is because the synergy that occurs as a result of the mentor and client relationship is what makes the biggest difference and helps motivate you to move forward. 

To maximize the value of your mentoring, here are 8 tips on things to do that work well:

1. Focus on how you feel and want to feel, not just on the results you want to get.
Sometimes, clients feel the need to focus the coaching time on how to produce more tangible or financial results. But don't forget the intangibles, such as feeling happier, more peaceful and more inspired. Results are very important, but the feelings you experience during your day are equally important.

2. Talk about what matters most to you. 
You may talk about anything you want to during the mentoring session. This includes your goals, your life, your needs, what you want to improve, what's bothering you, an idea you have, a problem you are dealing with, even stuff that may not appear to be all that 'useful' to talk about.

3. Get present. 
Many of us tend to dwell in the past or worry about the future. Being present and dealing with what is right now will help you stay more focused and make better decisions. By being present you will feel most confident that the choices you make are the best ones for you. 

4. Take the coaching into the rest of your week.
What you and you me talk about during our sessions will resonate with you during your week, and some of the seeds or ideas that have been discussed will grow between sessions. All you have to do is to fully live your life between coaching sessions and be open to seeing what you and me talked about. 

5. Reduce the drain and strain in your life.
Coaching works because it focuses you in two areas. First, you'll be helped to stretch yourself further, take more actions than you would on your own, and devise and implement effective strategies to get what you want. At the same time, you will also be identifying and reducing things that drain and strain you, such as tolerations, stressful situations, difficult relationships, pressured environments and recurring problems. So, don't just hoist a bigger sail, make sure there are no cracks or barnacles on your hull.

6. Make space in your life.
Mentoring needs room in order to work. If you're too busy, rushed, adrenalined or burdened, you'll be using coaching to push yourself harder, instead of using coaching to become more effective. I strongly suggest that you create the time and space in your life before immediately starting the mentoring program. Space is needed to learn and evolve yourself beyond where you are today.

7. Become incredibly selfish.
This work is about you and what you most want. As such, you'll probably need to start putting yourself first if you haven't done so already. At the very least, you'll want to become selfish in the sense that you are what matters most. When you are happy and are doing well, others will benefit as well. 

8. Be open to seeing things differently.
We will most likely be working with your goals and developing strategies to reach these goals. But you will also be working on you. For this process to work well, consider a different approach and ways of thinking and try them out to see if they work for you.