Real people. Real Testimonials. 


Amy Selwyn


Boston + Amseterdam

I do not believe in coincidence. While recognizing that the universe has both a great sense of humor and a flair for the random, I believe we are drawn to what we need when we need it AND when we are willing to accept it. 

Thus begins the tale of how I found and began working with Peleg Top. And began changing my life. 

I came to coaching because I had stumbled into a thick forest of bad habits and I couldn't see my way clear. I specifically chose Peleg because of his commitment to creative people.  What I needed was a wake-up call to my creative spirit, a call to adventure, the guts to liberate myself from the same old way of doing things.

Working with Peleg is not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for a coach who will hold your hand and tell you what to do, give you weekly homework assignments and let you justify your way out of the commitment to change, keep looking. But if what you're looking for is a guide who will challenge your assumptions your beliefs, well, Peleg is your man. 

I'm now in the process of creating a better business that draws on my passion and beliefs. The road is wide open and, thanks to Peleg, I am on a highway in a '67 Mustang, top down, bulldog on the back seat, music blasting and love in my heart. Wowsah! 


Rochelle Seltzer

Boston, MA

The decision to hire a coach turned out to be one of the best I’ve made. When I met Peleg and began my work with him I was a design firm owner looking for business development advice. While I received great help with running my business I soon found that the coaching approach he takes goes deeper than dealing with business matters. Our work inspired me to discover a new calling that lead to huge changes and an exciting new career. My journey would not have unfolded as it has without his influence in my life.

Peleg inspires and challenges me. He helps me to be the best that I can be and to make courageous moves. He has often seen possibilities that I never dared to see, and as I have pursued those visions he’s been there to support me in every step of the way.

Peleg helped me shape a new vision for my business centered on my interests and knowledge. He supported me as I developed my early coaching programs, helped me develop my brand and all the marketing tools I need, and above all, mentored me to become a powerful coach. I am now living a life that is rich and rewarding in ways I never envisioned.

Peleg is a brilliant guide for people who are willing to take a deep look inside, face and heal old pain, acknowledge what limits them and make inspired, bold moves in their lives. He listens deeply. He is loving and kind. But he doesn't let you fool yourself, or settle for being less than you can be. 

And, when you do grow and change — in both small and big ways — Peleg rejoices and celebrates your accomplishments with you.

Read more about Rochelle's coaching journey on her blog

Daron Hollowell

Ring The Alarm Studios

Los Angeles, Ca

I sought coaching almost 10 years after starting my own business with two partners. We hit a wall in our company's growth and were looking for a path forward for the next phase of our business. We had lost focus of where we were headed and what our goals were and on top of that, we weren’t communicating well to help solve problems.

We hired Peleg to lead us through our first partner’s retreat and the experience was revelatory. It was as though we had been fumbling around in the dark and then someone should us the light switch. I personally learned a great deal about myself, my leadership style and how I was showing up in business and in life.

I have a deeper understanding of my own default responses and reactions to situations and how I show up in general. This has allowed me to take a step back and examine how I lead. I’ve become a better communicator who isn’t afraid of having tough conversations with people which in turn changed the way I interact with my team, partners and clients.

As a result of the coaching, I got a clear on my vision and goals and launched a business that has already exceeded our quarterly goals in our first three quarters by 30%.
If you are ready to open yourself up and learn about how you can become a better leader and achieve greater focus for your life and your business, say yes to coaching with Peleg. I am now applying the things I learned from coaching in my business and in our plans for the future.

Thank you again for teaching and guiding me toward a clearer and more focused path for my business and life.

Keri Clark

Enigma Design

Auckland, New Zealand

I was feeling stuck. My business had plateaued, I was struggling to reconcile problems with my spirituality/religion, and I was trying to please everyone but myself. I wasn’t making the progress I wanted and needed someone to give me a new perspective. 

My initial coaching intensive day blew my mind, and made me realize I had built a prison for myself based on stories that weren’t even reflective of my own experience. With further coaching, I feel more confident, calm and sure of myself than ever. 

I have increased my pricing by 60% and due to the increased value I’m adding to my clients, they still think it’s a great deal. I also have more free time! 

Don’t give working with Peleg a second thought. This work is truly life changing. Coaching with Peleg gave me valuable skills and insghts, it was what truly made a difference in my life and my business.

I am incredibly grateful! 

Dustin Woehrmann


New Orleans, LA

Awakening is a word that would best describe the process of working with Peleg. I was so out of the habit of taking care of myself and my creativity that I was a complete log jam.  I was in a place of not liking my business when I started coaching with him. Now I have new focus, new energy, new creative outlets and my overall sense of purpose is renewed.

I have a very different outlook now on what working with a client looks like. Working from a place of love and creatively finding solutions rather than fearfully looking for the next paycheck. Conversations are the key.

I feel stronger. I feel more confident. I feel that for the first time, I'm taking control of where I want my business to go - not letting it control where I go. I still have work to do, but I feel that I'm charting a good course to a much more powerful man. I feel more excited and energized than I have been in a very long time.

And, the biggest tangible result from our coaching so far is serious money in the bank. 

Allison DeFord

Felt Design Group

Costa Mesa, CA

"I engaged Peleg as my mentor while in the process of re-branding my studio after fifteen years in business. It was time for a change. We had been generalists for years and it was time for us to focus. Peleg helped us define our niche as well as guide us step by step through positioning our agency in the most effective and targeted way.  We defined our expertise in a market that is dear to our hearts and one that has great potential. 

Working with Peleg Top is by far one of the most eye-opening journey's I have taken in this lifetime.  I've experienced amazing changes in my business AND personal life. I got so much more out of this experience than I ever anticipated.

Peleg's spiritual and whole-listic side is part of what makes his approach so different. He's big on LOVE and I don't know that any of us can't use a little more of that in our lives. When I started working with Peleg I spent alot of time questioning myself. I was scrambling to juggle personal life and the growth of my business. After a year of mentoring with Peleg I feel like the captain of my own ship again. I have a clear direction, a target audience and a new-found passion. 

Along this journey I have also connected with so many amazing and interesting people. That alone has been life-changing. Peleg will be the first to tell you that you have to "show up" and "do the work." There is no magic creative fairy dust here. It's your journey. Where you chose to go is entirely up to you. I crossed a desert, battled my inner-mean girl and climbed Felt mountain. Here I stand with my arms out in triumph and in thanks."

Matt Steel

Matt Steel Makes

St. Louis, MO

Working with Peleg Top has been transformative. As a result of our work together I spend much more time living in creation and service mode. It's paying off spiritually, personally, and financially.

Our coaching work revived my creative spirit and is impacting my business in powerful ways. I've learned that creativity is a current that never stops flowing. I simply choose whether to tap into it or not.

Coaching with Peleg helped me be bold, be fearless, be still, and find the muse that has always been there, waiting for me to show up.

I also now work about 20% less. I don't field client calls or emails after business hours. We completely rebranded and relaunched my business in three months. My firm is broadening its client base and we're continuing to expand and improve our marketing efforts.

If you are considering hiring a coach, get creative and find a way to work with this brilliant man. Peleg's fees are high, but so is the value. If you open yourself to the process, are willing to dig deep and commit to your personal and professional growth in new ways, then your life will be inexorably changed for the better.

Do you want more from your business and your life? Do you want to reach a level of greater abundance and are humble enough to seek guidance? Then Peleg's coaching is for you. But be ready and willing to do the work. This work is not for the faint of heart. If you want someone to hold your hand and do your homework for you, don't hire Peleg. But if you're willing to show up and make the commitment, I recommend you hire him yesterday.

Matt Dutra

Rubic Design

Middletown, RI

Working with Peleg was excellent. It has been exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. Before coaching with him I felt I was coming up against the same barriers over and over again.

Peleg taught me better ways to work with my team and colleagues and helped me become a more authentic and inspiring leader. He showed me how to bring more meaning and motivation to our company's culture and how to deal with the difficult situations that arise on a daily basis. I now understand better what holds me and others back and, conversely, what sets us free to do our best and more rewarding work.

Peleg taught me how to become a better communicator, face crucial conversation, the ones that can make or break business deals, with love and ease. I now navigate tough situations quickly, effectively and without nearly as much strife as before.

I learned the unique personalities of each of my team's members which was an invaluable part of my hiring process. The people I've hired thanks for his approach are a complete success. Without the hiring process I learned from Peleg I regret to say I would have probably hired the wrong candidates - which would have resulted in significant loss of time and money; not to mention the headaches and frustration. Today our team works together more efficiently and with more fun. We're on track to exceed last years revenue and in a great position to expand our crew and take-on bigger, more rewarding projects.

I'm happy to say that I am taking more time off, making more money and enjoying my work more than ever before with the skills and techniques he's taught me.

If you are considering working with Peleg, don't hesitate for a moment. Coaching with him is definitely worth your time and money and you will be amazed what you didn't realize about your own work and personal life.

Wayne Geyer

Dallas. TX

Peleg’s coaching process involves total immersion into the worlds of communication, business development and “life management” skills. You’ll be overwhelmed with tools, resources, information and wisdom from experts in design, business and beyond. I started putting Peleg’s selling and communication tips to work right away—with immediate success.

Every moment working with Peleg is an opportunity to learn a lesson for life. I’ve been exposed to so much wisdom that it’s hard to define a single “favorite.” But the one that comes to mind is, “When the value is clear, the decision is easy.” Find your value. Then learn how to communicate it to others. And soon, they’ll line up around the block to work with you.

If you’re curious about working with Peleg, take him up on his one-hour consultation. If you think signing up with Peleg could help you—but you have reservations—call me. I had reservations. It was a huge commitment. But it started paying off almost instantly. And if you have the right attitude and expectations going in, it will pay off for you too.

Jean-Marc Durviaux


Pasadena, CA

"Mentoring with Peleg has been a very rewarding experience. Primarily, it enabled me to create time to focus on my business, and empowered me to think of new ways to make it better, to grow it, and perfect it -- something that would have felt unreachable on my own.

Working with Peleg is extremely valuable to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next step -- whatever that next step may be. He will help you and guide you through the steps that it takes to get there... If he managed to make a stubborn individual like me change habits and make difficult decisions, I imagine he can virtually do it with anyone.

Our collaboration helped me put my story, my passion, my business, my vision, my hopes, my aspirations and my needs in perspective in order to craft a story of my very own -- made of my DNA.  My business experienced a positive transformation this past year. In order of importance, everyone now is perfectly clear on why we are showing up in the morning. The prospection process has become a lot easier now that we have a story to tell -- and that is a story our clients want to hear more of." 

Christina Haakenson

Juve Creative

Huntington Beach, CA

“Peleg helped me see and face my personal obstacles. I used to compare our work to the competition and make changes based on what they were doing. Now, I’m more confident in our positioning and our business. We do things differently. Period.

By inspiring me to be fearless and experience more, Peleg gave me new tools that have helped me become a better leader. Specializing has allowed me to do more precise business planning, attract better clients, and dive deep into an industry I love! I've also learned to slow down, which gives me time to be creative, think things through, and enjoy the present. My business is  more profitable. I’ve cut stress down, improved confidence and some of my personal relationships have grown in the process. 

I recommend Peleg to any open-minded creative person committed to seeking professional and personal growth. He is not just an expert at showing you better business practices and tools—he’s amazing at helping you discover and improve your behavior. Thanks to him, I'm poised to create wealth for myself, my family, my employees and my clients.”

Steve Rodin


Sherman Oaks, CA

Coaching with Peleg is a fun, inspiring and rewarding experience. Its also tough and even dare I say...frustrating at times. But that's sometimes what it takes to get to your buried treasure. You need to bring your A game to Peleg; you will only get out of it what you put in.

The mentoring experinece was a 180 change for me. I've learned to listen better to my clients, to slow down, take control of my fear and I've learned to relax. Peleg helped me change and improve my company's positioning, my approach to marketing and even my salesmanship. Those things are immeasurable, they will continue to work for me, as time goes on.

If you are considering working with Peleg Top next year or next quarter, do it now. Dive in. The earlier you start, the earlier you'll benefit. There are no limits in this experience. Peleg will help you overcome obstacles that you never thought you could. I've learned to take control of fear, turn it upside down and make it work for me.

Mark Ciglar


Los Angeles, Ca

“Working with Peleg has led me to more high-profile business than ever before, and my company is producing some of the highest-quality work we have ever done. I have been able to increase my staff, have more clarity about where to focus my energy, and have a roadmap to greater success for my business and my clients.

I went into my mentoring program wanting to learn more about successfully running a creative firm--and I did--but I also ended up learning just as much about myself. I didn't realize how much effort and attention Peleg would give to learning about me and my business. He was also incredibly available throughout the process. His advice wasn't always what I expected, but it always rang true. I've learned where I've been holding myself back, but more importantly, I've seen my clients benefit from my growth as I've pushed past those barriers. Peleg offers a tremendous value to his clients, and anyone running a creative firm would benefit from working with him.”

Stuart McFaul

Spiralgroup Marketing & PR

San Francisco, Ca

"Peleg Top changed my life. He compelled me to confront the real hard issues that were holding me back from taking my business from good to great.  His compassionate approach and real wisdom – the mix of smarts and experience – pushed me into taking the right steps for my company.  It’s not always an easy or comfy journey… but it sure as hell is one that got me to the destination I wanted."

Kelly King

King Creative

Bloomington, IN

Put on your seat belt–you are in for quite a ride! Peleg is a 'holistic' business coach It is natural for many of us to put off working on our own stuff. Usually, the clients come first. Peleg will help you shift and change your thinking.

If you are ready to align your personal passions with your business and if you have the means to spend the time and money to make the change to get to the next level, you are the kind of person who will enjoy working with Peleg. It will be a life changing experience. 

After working with Peleg my gross gross profit is up 81% and my net income is up 45%. I changed my company name, moved into a new office space, launched a new website focused on a targeted market and all in a 4 month period. Now, I leave my office at 5pm or earlier and I am done for the day. I go home and focus on my family. I used to stay up late on regular basis working past midnight. Those days are long gone. Only on rare occasions do burn the midnight oil.  I am a much happier person with a more balanced lifestyle.

Kevin Breedlove

Breedlove Creative, Inc.

San Diego, CA

“A life altering experience! My journey with Peleg has shown me that I'm capable of much more then ever imagined. I came to him overworked, stressed out, profit deprived and looking in 10 different directions. Just 6 months into our time together, i work half the hours, have found calm among the chaos, have doubled my income and am focusing on the one road ahead. 

He's had me dive deep. From personality assessments & sole searching to discovering my true passions & owning what i do best, I've been able to refine a life that puts me first. My business no longer runs me. I run my business. 

Best of all? I've been the one driving the bus and Peleg helps guide it right to successville. He he has provided unconditional wisdom, support, excitement, inspiration & friendship, all while seeing my goals to fruition. The lessons I've learned from Peleg are ones that will be with me for the rest of my life. 

If you are ready for self expansion and truly committed to taking your business to the next level, Peleg is here for you. Get on the bus.”

Beth Goldfarb

Cause Farm Creative

Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Peleg has changed my life! I have completely changed the way I do business and am attracting the type of work that I want. I have become more confident in dealing with clients, especially when talking about money. I've started winning awards and have been published in several books and magazines over the last two years. 

Peleg always asks just the right question to help me transform my behavior or my way of thinking, and his expert guidance has made me a better businesswoman. Now I quickly weed out prospects that aren't a good fit for my business and spend more time pursuing the right kind of clients. I've hired an assistant to help with office tasks so that I can focus on larger things, such as marketing to bigger organizations. I'm positioning myself as a thought leader and my clients have been responding well to my expert guidance. I'm even planning to start doing speaking engagements so I can share my knowledge and experience with others.

My friends and family have also noticed positive changes in the way I present myself. I don't work weekends anymore and am able to spend more time with my nieces and family. I never could have imagined that these personal changes would come from hiring a business coach, but the experience has truly transformed my life.

Thanks to Peleg I am doing things that I never dreamed I'd be doing. He has pushed me to my limits and beyond and I have come out a much better person—both professionally and personally. I am ready to take the non-profit world by storm and become a household name in my industry!"

Curt Cuscino

HypeLife Brands

Kansas City, MO

"Peleg helped me dig deeply into myself—deeper than I ever have before. It was challenging at times, but he kept inspiring me to move forward, helping me see the potential for awesome transformations in my creative business and my personal life. The whole mentoring journey has equipped me with new ways of thinking, helped me recognize very clearly what I don't want, and illuminated the path I want to take going forward. I’ve repositioned my agency and getting ready to launch a new brand. I’m fully embracing a new approach that will signal the turning of a major corner for me and my business!"

Jamie Capozzi

Theory Associates

San Francisco Bay Area

"Coaching with Peleg is enlightening, sometimes frustrating, and never boring.

Peleg helped me "get out of my own head" so many times, that that alone was worth the price of admission. He has been a patient mentor who helped me get unstuck and move forward.

While working with Peleg I learned to fall in love my business. I focused on repositioning my agency to be in line with my passion and expertise, built a significant part of my marketing machine and launched a new brand that focuses on the consumer tech market.

Peleg served me as my business therapist. He helped me shift my mindset and understanding of my own business to lead it from a place of love and not fear.

I got into this business because I love design and then realized that design was about 10% of what I now do on a day-to-day basis. I didn’t love all the other aspects of my business (business development, account service, human resources) and learned to love the things that I once thought were impossible. Now, everything is changing."

Annette English

Annette English and Associates

Los Angeles, CA

"I really value Peleg’s years of experience and success and knew that he could contribute greatly to the success of my company. My company has grown in sales and profit and I have a sense of comfort knowing that I have a clear path of action steps and guidelines in which to create a successful company. I felt like I had a mentor to guide me and didn’t feel so alone.The benefits are tremendous. Peleg has such a savvy, relaxed way about him that makes it so easy to relate to. I always know that his advice is sound and wise and his guidelines and wisdom are always easy to put into place."

Cheryl Savala

Menagerie Creative

Irvine, CA

“Peleg Top doesn't hold a patented mystical formula for business acumen. He won't wave a magic wand nor lead you to the golden fountain of career success. What Peleg WILL be is your creative business partner, giving unwavering guidance and limitless support as YOU discover the leader inside. Peleg will ask challenging questions you are unprepared for or even afraid to answer, then will hold you accountable for each response and action.

Peleg’s greatest gift is his love and belief in the creative entrepreneurial spirit and he thrives on bringing it out of those willing to uncover their weaknesses and build upon their strengths. Be prepared to dig deep, work hard and celebrate the leader bursting inside.”

Julie Vail

Marquis Design

Boston, MA

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and credit you for much of the steps I've taken to improve my business this past year. Not only do I consider you a valued colleague, you are a wonderful friend, and I will always treasure that. 

I appreciate your help in defining my list of marketing to-do's and projects that I should have in place to have a good, hard-working marketing machine as well as a good business structure.Your straight up business and marketing advice and ideas are the most valuable thing to me in our working together.

I really value your experience and expertise from your years of doing what I'm just starting out doing as I don't have a big network of seasoned professionals I can talk to to get help and advice.

Your support on my personal well-being, work-life balance, and spirituality. I assume I'm the rare client that truly understands and values the spiritual component of our work together, but I love it. 

The resources, reference materials from your own business, and ideas that you give to me. Not only does it save me time from having to find this type of information, it also is valuable in terms of having something tangible to work with.”

Steve Morris


San Diego, CA

"I've known and worked closely with Peleg over the last decade and have seen him transition from a successful design business owner to a coach and mentor. His gifts are many and include the ability to see business and life from a wide variety of perspective and to put creative and disciplined resources to transitioning challenges into opportunities—thus into success. He has a kind and giving heart, a head for business and the mind of a creative. I most admire his willingness to reach deep within himself to keep pursing his potential and his ability to mentor others to do the same."

Bryn Mooth

Editor in Chief, HOW Magazine

Cincinnati, OH

“I’ve worked with Peleg for more than a decade, collaborating with him on articles for HOW magazine and presentations for the HOW Design Conference and Creative Freelancer Conference, which he helped launch. Peleg is unfailingly generous in sharing his experiences and expertise as a veteran design professional. But it’s not just the business knowledge he brings to our work together—he also brings heart, creativity and spirit. He’s a true collaborator.”