Live coaching webinars for the business minded creative.  

Here's what coaching sounds like.

The Business Matters Webinar Series is a three-part coaching program where you can listen to actual, real time, unscripted coaching coversations with creative business owners.

Each session is about an hour long and features an eclectic mix of creative people who brought real life issues they are dealing with right now. We focus on the topics that matter most and enter a deep conversation that brings insights and transformation.

If you are curious to learn more about what my coaching work is like, these webinars are a pretty good taste of my style and approach to personal and business growth.  


Session 1: Money Matters
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Money can be a triggered subject for many business owners. From how much to charge to how you spend your money, many financial decisions often create stress and fear. If money matters keep you up at night, this webinar is for you.


Session 2: Client Matters

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A healthy business can not thrive with the wrong clients. Creating the right clients for your business, ones that value your work and are willing to be lead and pay your fees, is an art. Bring your biggest client issues to the conversation 

Session 3: Leadership Matters

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How you lead your business will be the determining factor to its success. From how you lead your team to the way you communicate with your clients, your business will thrive or die based on your leadership skills. This webinar will help you learn how to become a better leader


> The webinar was produced and presented in partnership with the Visual Media Alliance, an organization that provides resources for businesses in the Northern California area.