How to attract ideal clients

The wrong kind of clients can cost you time, money and your sanity. On the other hand, your “ideal clients” see the value in what you have to offer, have the money to pay you (and pay on time) and get the best results from your products and services. Learn how to magnetize your business to attract only the kind of clients you want and put you in a position to turn the wrong clients away. 

Cultivating great referrals

Learn how to create a steady stream of the right referrals and free yourself from the anxiety of worrying where your next project will come from. Instead of passively waiting for referrals to come in, learn how to be in the driver's seat and create them, without feeling embarrassed, desperate or needy.

Defining your value

Defining your value is the first step in identifying how your creative services are different from the competition. During this webinar, I share insights and strategies from my years of owning a creative agency on how to create value so that your business attracts the right clients who respect you and are willing to pay your high fees. 

Effortless marketing

Many creative business owners will agree that marketing isn't much fun. Successful marketing is hard to maintain and usually takes too much effort. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this webinar, you will learn the three principles I use to make marketing an effortless process. I'll share with you some simple strategies you can start using right away that will generate quick results.

Turning promising prospects into high paying clients

Originally presented to AIGA LA, this webinar will teach you how to: identify prospects that are a good fit for your firm, understand where your prospect is in their buying cycle, build trust, lead a successful meeting, create value for your prospect in the very first meeting, and more.

Creating an abundant creative business

Learn what it  takes to create an Abundant Creative Business in this 30-minute webinar, originally presented by FunctionFox. In it, I share what I've learned from my experience of running my own creative agency for 18 years, as well as what I teach to the people I coach and mentor. 

How to talk to your clients about fees

Conversations about pricing are far more comfortable when you know the client can afford you. Learn how to identify those clients - and get them to tell you their budget, even when they claim not to have one. Learn how to communicate the real value of your work, present a proposal and close the sale.

intuition, creativity and inventing your life

A recording of a live webinar presented by master coach and best selling author Steve Chandler (Fearless, The Joy of Selling) as part of Steve's Club Fearless monthly webinar program. Steve interviews Peleg and explores how using creativity and intuition can support personal growth and development in life and in busienss. 

Coach's Casebook interview with Peleg Top

Curious to learn more about Peleg Top's process and ways of coaching creative entrepreneurs? Listen to this interview from the popular Coach's Casebook podcast where Peleg gives you a glimps at his process and his journey to becoming a transformational coach.