How do I know that I am on the right path?

“How do I know that I am on the right path?” she asked as we began our Heart-to-Heart session. “I’ve been working in my business for years now and it feels like I am stuck. I’ve made so many mistakes, and even though I sometimes feel like I am making progress, I don’t know if this is the right path for me”.

“What is the right path?” I asked.

“It’s the path that feels right” she immediately replied. She then got quiet for a moment as her gaze shifted somewhere towards the horizon, as if there is a better answer there and added: “the path that brings me high fulfillment and high income”.

Even though we were meeting on a Skype video call, I could sense her frustration with her life coming through my computer screen. A frustration that is keeping her up at night making her question everything she is doing.

“So what fulfills you in life?” I asked.

“My design work fulfills me. And even though I’ve done that for a long time it feels like I am running on a hamster wheel.”

“Well that doesn’t sound very fulfilling to me” I said.

“Yes”, she agreed, “I keep trying to grow my business and every time I try something, I keep failing miserably.”

“And what does failing miserably look like?” I asked.

“No income.” She quickly replied, “It’s exhausting.”.

High income is directly related to high fulfillment. In fact, the level of income that you are currently experiencing is in exact proportion to the fulfillment you are receiving from what it is you do in the world.

We were taught that we have to work hard to earn money. That we have to compromise our heart and settle for “enough” as long as long as we meet our basic needs. But doing that only stops us from dreaming. It stops us from listening to what our heart wants and from making the choices that fulfill it.

This woman may feel a sense of fulfillment from her current work but that fulfillment is not really full. It is partial fulfillment.

Seeking fulfillment is something we all have in common. There’s a billion dollar industry out there that caters to those who lost their path and seek truth from outside of themselves. There are never-ending choices of teachers and gurus that will gladly take your money and sell you their formula for finding fulfillment.

I know this because I spent so much of my adult life seeking fulfillment. Heck, I even took a two-year sabbatical and traveled the world for the sake of this search. I met teachers, and guides, and gurus and muses--everyone had opinion and advice. But no one had the right answer. No one had MY answer.

Only my heart did.

I realized I was asking my brain all the wrong questions. My brain could never know what my path is or what I should do or how I should do it.

Our brain is a learning supercomputer. We feed it constantly and expect it to give us the answers to every question we have. Like a computer, our brain has a logic board, called “our mind”. This logic is powerful. We make many choices from this place.

But not all choices require logic.

The choices our heart makes may never be logical. When we make logical choices we answer to what makes sense, to what fits into our brain’s way of seeing the world.

We need to stop asking our brain what fulfills us. Our brain can not possibly answer the questions that our heart is asking. Our heart is the most authentic source of intelligence we have. And yet, we hardly ever mine its full wisdom.

It wasn’t until I stopped asking my brain and began to ask my heart “What is it that really fulfills me?” And it wasn’t until I began listening and acting from the answers that my heart gave me that my life truly changed.

When I made choices that were aligned with what fulfills my heart I began taking bigger risks that lead to bigger changes.

And my life hasn’t been the same since.

Because when our heart is fulfilled, we are in total alignment with our path and our purpose.

It’s that simple.

Fulfillment is knowing what it is that fulfills you and living into it, no matter what the outcome may be.

The problem is that when money gets in the picture, what fulfills us becomes less important. Money is the outcome that we hope to get from whatever it is we do. When we give money the power to influence the choices that we make, we live in a reactive way, forgetting that we have the ability to create whatever it is we put our minds and hearts into (including money!).

What fulfills you, may not seem like something that could make you money in the future. But guess what? It wasn’t either for people like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson. They were simple dreamers, just like you, before they became the men as we know them today.

Not knowing what the outcome is, didn’t stop all the people you compare yourself to from doing what fulfills them in life. They were willing to risk safety, risk security and risk being comfortable for the sake of what their heart wanted.

Because they had to.

They had no choice because the path they choose to walk is the path of their heart. They didn’t listen to their fears, to their self-critic, to people who don’t believe in them. They trusted their heart enough to know that when they listen to what their heart wants and act from that place, they are always on the right path.




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