Who do you want to become?

When I was a kid, the adults used to ask me “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. 

They never asked, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” 

But here we are, all grown up, and we’re so busy doing that we forgot who we wanted to become. 

Who did you want to become when you grew up? 

What did you dream of before the voices in your head began to tell you that you’ll never be good enough or that you are not worthy?

When did you begin to please everyone around you so you can feel loved or to know that you matter?

Are you living who you wanted to become?

Do you even remember what that was?

I meet grown-ups every day who forgot who they wanted to be. They walk around as if in a trance. Busy working in jobs they hate or own businesses that don’t give them joy or profit.

They stay in unhealthy relationships and are afraid to take real risks in life.

These people complain. They become people pleasers. They live in fear of the future.

These people are stuck.

They forgot who they wanted to be.

They compromised.

And fell asleep to life.

But sometimes, they feel stuck for a bit too long. They arrive at a moment when being stuck no longer works.

The boredom and lack of passion in whatever they are doing stops fulfilling.

And even though they have no idea of what the future may bring, they find themselves willing to take a risk. Maybe for the first time ever.

Take a risk and change something so big, that it throws their entire echo system off course.

Sometimes we need to get to that low place so we can wake up to our life and do something risky. Become who we've always wanted to become.

Become a writer or a filmmaker, or a coach, or a chef, or whatever their soul has been asking them to do and they have conveniently never listened.

Simply become.

Remeber when we used to hear "you can be anything you want to be"? When did we stop believing in that?

I believe we can. I believe we all have the tools we need to become the best versions of ourselves. The tools are there. All we need to do is use them.

I'll explain what these tools are next week.

Thanks for being.


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