The art of letting go

I hear a lot of talk about  letting go. Letting go of old habits, letting go of people, of things, of old beliefs.  We all want to be able to let go of something. 

The question to ask is not "what do I want to let go of?" but rather "What need that isn't being met that causes me to have a hard time letting go of something? Most people don't work on healing the need but rather focus on the thing that represents that need. 

I can let go of alcohol, but has the need to drink been healed?

I can let go of a relationship with a person - but is the need to be liked by others still around?

Healing a need isn't easy. We often don't even realize we have it. We can get addicted to those needs if we don't pay attention.  Healing the need will help letting go. And letting go brings freedom. It is a release. That's what we really want. 

But how do we find that freedom?

We find the freedom when love is active and present in our life. "All you need is love" is not just a pop song. It's the direct path to releasing any need of something outside of ourselves. 

But what the Beatles forgot to add in that gorgeous little tune is the word "self". All you REALLY need is Self-Love. 

When you have self-love and it is powerful, strong and true you can let go of anything. Because that self love would be so powerful, you wouldn't need anything else to feel love. 

Love is truth and when we are truthful to ourselves, when we stop believing lies that we are telling ourselves and let go of those lies, we can face our truth and know that we have everything that we think we need already inside of us. 

So instead of trying to learn how to let go of more, focus on how to bring more self-love into your life. When your self love is active and healthily practices, letting go of anything wouldn't be so hard.

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