The ABC index for choosing clients

I used to take any client that had a checkbook. That was the early days of my business, when every dollar mattered and I was working in fear and needy mode. I soon leaned that just because a client has money, it does not always mean they are a good client to work with. 

I needed to come up with an index that could help me make the decision if the client I am about to engage in is a good fit. I wanted a simple tool that will help me examine the most important values I look for in a client.

In your creative business, having a clear index to use when you are creating clients will help you filter out the bad apples from the bunch. This means that you must put yourself first and make a decision that comes from a place of loving your business, not desperation and neediness.

The index that worked best for me, and one that I often teach my clients is the ABC index. This index contains three simple questions that you can ask yourself when you examine a prospect and its fit with your business.  

A - Artistic :: Is working with this client going to allow us to be most artistic and creative?

B - Business :: Does it make business sense to take this client on? In other words, is the budget right? Are the terms OK?

C- Compatibility :: Do I like this client as a person? Is this someone I would want to cook dinner for?

If you are not getting a solid YES to any of these questions, chances are you're about to get into a client nightmare situation. I have yet to see a healthy client relationship that doesn't fit this index. 

In your business, what's your index?

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