Living a should-less life. 

I love words. 

Because every word is a universe onto itself.

Our words create our reality. The words we speak and the words we think. 

Positive words make us grow. Negative words hold us back. 

For my 50th, I decided to give up the word SHOULD and begin living a "should-less life". 

I will never SHOULD again. And with that, everything that comes with this word will go away. 


The self-judgment, the self-criticism, the self-pity, the self-hatred, the depression.


I am letting go of the shoulds. 

I should make more money.

I should write a book.

I should have a kid.

I should spend less money. 

I should give more money away. 

I should call my mom.

I should be debt free.

I should not spend my savings. 

I should take a vacation.

I should spend less time on Facebook.

I should buy a house. 

I should go out more often. 

I should meet more people. 

I should lose weight. 

I should work out more. 

I should look good. 

I should care more. 

I should care less. 


You get the picture. 


"Should" is a powerful word. And a toxic one. Every time I speak it, every time I think it, I hold myself back from being who I am destined to be. 

I'm going to stop "shoulding" all over myself. 

Because every time I use negative words like "should", I put myself in a toxic space. The vibration around the energy of the negative words effects my health and well being. 


You could spend hours, days, years, practicing yoga, visualization or meditation, and that practice would be offset by a vocabulary that is organically toxic and negative. 

If the words you use towards yourself are hostile, you will experience a hostile way of being. You will feel hostile and negative, especially towards yourself.  You will feel like you are not enough. You will feel less than. You will feel unworthy and unloved. 

Stop using toxic words and your depressions will be much less. 

Stop using toxic words and your life will transform.

Choose to get up every day and bless your day. Say to yourself: "I have no idea what this day is going to bring but it is blessed, because I am alive, and I am here." 

And then choose words that are powerful. Words that inspire you. Words that heal you. 

This choice alone will take toxins out of your heart. 

This choice alone will transform your day. 


What are the toxic words that you say to yourself? Words you must never utter again? 


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