Happy Easter.  


A blog is born.

I was born on a Tuesday. 

Tuesday seems to be a good day to bring new things into the world. In the music business Tuesdays are knows as "new release" days where albums come out. Elections are held on Tuesdays and even Mardi Gras starts on Tuesday.  So it seems fitting starting a blog on a Tuesday.

I'm excited to create the Mentoring Notes Blog, a space where we have an ongoing conversation with you, the creative entreperneur about the topics that matter most. This is a space of learning, of insights,  of questions and connections. 

To celebrate the launch of this blog I'd like to share a poem I wrote to mark new beginings. 


Bless this journey.

I look ahead and see no destination
I look behind and see thousands of questions
I look down and hear my heart melting
I look forward and take a deep breath

The next step could be the one
that drowns me
that drops me into my abyss

The next step could be the one
that leads me into my unknown
my bliss
my glee
my truth

are no longer in charge

I bless this journey
with moments of delight
where time disappears
and truth emerges

I bless this journey
with new insights
that steer me
to the place 
where I regain 
my power, my spirit, my joy.